Yuuki Oojima
Yuuki Oojima
Age 17
Gender Male
Eyes Dark Purple
Hair Brown
Height Unknown 176cm?
Affiliation Food Research Club
Status Alive
Occupation Food Research Club Member

Student Council President

Relatives Unnamed Mother
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Yūichi Nakamura

Yuuki Oojima (大島 裕樹 Ōjima Yūki) is the protagonist of the Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate series.

He is a second-year student at Takafuji Academy who lives with his mother in an apartment. He is a member of Shokken, a Food Research Club.

Due to the elections where the financal sector of the student council is trying to cut funds of several clubs including Shokken Club, Yuuki Oujima becomes one of the candidates for the Student Council to save and preserve Shokken Club.


He has a part-right brown hair and a long side extension which covers most part in his ears.


Yuuki is a nice guy. It is seen by how he cares about his club mates and Chisato when she asks him to eat chocolate when they were little, to which he refuses to. She remembers how Daiki died while he was holding his chocolate bar. She cries out loud and tells Daiki, through her mind that she doesn't want him to disappear and promising him that he will be given chocolate if he won't disappear. Yuuki heard this and took the chocolate from her saying "I won't disappear." Leaving Chisato happy. He is also mentioned as a perverted guy, when he often acts nicely to women who have big chests to which Chisato becomes angry to. It is also seen when he stares at Satsuki Shinonome's chest while they were talking. He also is mentioned as a caring guy as he doesn't leave his friends behind. He doesn't leave Hazuki behind when she is drunk and he delivers her to her room, waking up the other girls at the dorm and resulting him as a "pervert", to which he disagrees. Saving Aomi when she is bullied by other girls prove this. 


Chisato SumiyoshiEdit

Chisato is Ojima's childhood friend. During the anime it is implied he has romantic feeling for Chisato, they both eventually kiss at the end of the anime.


"I won't disappear."


  • His first name Yuuki means 'courage'
  • Satsuki often jokes Yuuki; altering his last name. An instance of this occurring was when Satsuki called Yuuki 'Bowjima' due to his constant bowing.

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